Celebrating diversity: Nikulipe CCO speaks to Banking Circle

Banking Circle chose to celebrate and recognise diversity and women in Fintech throughout the month of March. Choosing a powerful topic of #BreakingTheBias — they interviewed 15 women, sharing powerful stories about breaking the glass ceiling in the Fintech industry. Among the women interviewed is Erika Maslauskaite, Nikulipe Chief Commercial Officer.

Erika had this to share with community: 

“While only 12% of global FinTech founders and co-founders are women, there was something alluring about the industry that drew me into it. I wanted to challenge old-school conventions when it comes to gender equality or rather inequality. I believe in a world where differences are valued and celebrated.

It starts with our education system and continues in the workplace and communities. We can break the bias individually and collectively. Personally, I always wanted to pursue a career, where the potential for global expansion, innovations, and challenges was a driving force. 

I achieved this by staying motivated, working on my professional growth and standing my ground. 

And with this attitude, we can all tackle gender bias, discrimination and stereotyping and lead the way to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world.”


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