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Nikulipe GPMO Received Recognition For Nurturing The Growth of Fintech Industry

Nikulipe GPMO Erika Maslauskaite was recently featured in an article of the Baltic Times alongside Head of Fintech Hub LT Vaiva Amulė, Chairwoman Asta Grigaityte, board member Inga Karulaityte, Vice-Minister at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania Vaida Cesnuleviciute and  Fintech Entrepreneur and ex Regulator Jekaterina Govina.

Women leaders in the fintech industry, although growing, remain scarce. With fewer female managers in leadership positions, women are less likely to apply for management positions. Also, despite some progress, the gender pay gap remains a significant challenge and is most pronounced in financial and insurance companies, including those in the fintech sector. 

Asta Grigaityte, the Chairwomen of the association, became the first Lithuanian ambassador in the European Women Payments Network. In addition, Erika Maslauskaite and Inga Karulaityte, both Board Members of Fintech Hub LT, and Vaiva Amule were invited to become members of the organization. These women were distinguished for their leadership in the fintech industry that paves the way for future generations of female leaders.

The Fintech sector is growing rapidly and it is crucial that this growth is sustainable and inclusive. Gender diversity and inclusion should be a top priority for fintech companies in Europe and beyond. Research has shown that companies with diverse workforces tend to perform better, are more innovative, and have higher employee satisfaction rates.

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