Entering Fast-Growing and Emerging markets can be easy with the right help. Nikulipe brings expertise in connecting existing Local Payment Methods and creating new payment solutions where there were none.

Our solutions are tailored to the needs of Fintechs, Payment Service Providers, and their Global Merchants, helping all of them reach new consumers in Fast-Growing and Emerging markets.

A one-stop-shop for cross-border payment solutions, Nikulipe covers a full range of services needed to succeed in these complex markets. By providing a unified access to a large network of Local Payment Methods, as well as payment processing, collection of funds, reconciliation, unified reporting and settlement, and other added-value solutions, we make sure that payments remain frictionless.
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    Partners in Emerging markets
    By operating through a single API, the full transaction process is streamlined and becomes easily accessible to Large and Global Merchants, PSPs, and Local Payment Providers.
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    LPM Expertise
    Merchants can easily gain insights into the particularities of Fast-Growing and Emerging markets, leading to a smooth integration process and accelerating digital adoption.
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    Dedicated Infrastructure
    Clients are served through Nikulipe’s infrastructure, maximizing security and ensuring regulatory compliance.