Country Facts
  • Capital Brussels
  • Urban population 98%
  • Population 11.6 M
  • Median Age 41.3 Yr
  • Region Europe
  • GDP 758 Bn USD
  • GDP growth 3.2%
  • Official Language French, Dutch, German
  • Currency EUR
E-Commerce Facts
  • E-commerce market revenue 9.5 Bn USD
  • E-commerce growth 10%
  • Online shopping habits Majority of online payments in Belgium are done with Local Payment Methods.
  • People with mobile phone (estimate)
  • People with internet access
  • E-commerce penetration
  • People with bank account (estimate)
  • People with credit card (estimate)
  • Card payments
  • Online banking
  • Wallets
  • Other
Growth Opportunities

Belgium is a highly developed and diversified economy. It can offer a wide range of opportunities for international merchants:

● Belgian digital infrastructure is well established: >95% of the population having bank accounts, 93% having access to the Internet, and more than 95% of people using mobile phones.

● Almost 70% of Belgians are shopping online regularly, and it is expected that the pool of online shoppers will continue to rise.  The e-commerce industry is expected to expand rapidly and surpass a staggering 13.9 billion USD by 2027.

● Preferred ways to pay online are diverse in Belgium, ranging from Cards (Bancontact) and Wallets (PayPal) to increasingly popular Online Banking payment solutions (Payconiq by Bancontact).

Belgium being at the heart of Europe and having a rapidly growing e-commerce industry, is a market not to miss for any international merchant.