Country Facts
  • Capital Maputo
  • Urban population 38%
  • Population 32.1 M
  • Median Age 17.6 Yr
  • Region Eastern Africa
  • GDP 15 Bn USD
  • GDP growth 2.4 %
  • Official Language Portuguese
  • Currency Mozambican metical
E-Commerce Facts
  • E-commerce market revenue 472 M USD
  • E-commerce growth 14.4%
  • Online shopping habits To pay online, Mobile Money is being used by 64% of locals above age 15.
  • People with mobile phone (estimate)
  • Internet users, joined 2015-2020
  • E-commerce penetration
  • People with bank account
  • People with credit card
  • Mobile Money users (4.3 M)
  • Total population >15 years
Growth Opportunities

International merchants looking to expand their online sales into Mozambique have a lot of opportunities in this country. Here are a few examples among many others:

● Digital infrastructure in Mozambique is developing rapidly. Around 69% of Mozambique’s existing internet users joined the online community between 2015-2020. With further investments and innovative solutions, internet adoption is most likely to increase, reducing the Internet use gap between urban and rural populations.

● E-commerce market of 472 M USD in Mozambique is growing further rapidly, with an expected annual growth rate of 14.5%. By 2027, it is expected that the e-commerce market will be 813 M USD.

The e-commerce sector of Mozambique is expanding quickly. With strategic investments into infrastructure, it has a lot of room to grow in the near future.