Country Facts
  • Capital Ljubljana
  • Urban population 55%
  • Population 2.1 M
  • Median Age 44.5 Yr
  • Region Balkans
  • GDP 61.53 Bn USD
  • GDP growth 8.1%
  • Official Language Slovenian
  • Currency EUR
E-Commerce Facts
  • E-commerce market revenue 920 M USD
  • E-commerce growth 15.4%
  • Online shopping habits Instant Bank Transfer solutions are huge in Slovenia, with wallets catching up fast.
  • People with mobile phone (estimate)
  • People with internet access
  • E-commerce penetration
  • People with bank account
  • People with credit card
  • Card payments
  • Online banking
  • Wallets
  • Other
Growth Opportunities

Slovenia provides a range of opportunities for international merchants looking to grow their online sales into new areas:

● Thanks to a well-developed mobile and internet infrastructure, over 55% of Slovenians regularly shop online.

● While there are only 2.1 million people in Slovenia, the market volume is close to 1 billion, with an expected continuous growth of 15.4% year over year. In 2027, it is expected that the e-commerce market will more than double and reach over 1.9 billion USD.

● Slovenia is one of the TOP 10 fastest growing economies in the European Union, with a GDP growth of 8.1%.

● With regards to payments, Slovenian banks are early adopters of Instant payments. Flik Pay is a solution supported by 9 major Slovenian banks and is a very popular mobile instant payment solution. Wallets, like Croatian based Aircash, are gaining market share with added value service (like in-app solutions for parking or public transport).

Slovenia, while already having an established and active e-commerce sector, is continuing to experience rapid economic growth and should not be overlooked by international merchants.