Aircash is the leading Local Payment Method in Croatia and one of the fastest-growing, popular Digital Wallet throughout multiple Central and South-Eastern European countries incl. Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Spain and Italy among others.

One of Aircash’s main strengths is its extensive network of 200,000 POS partners, such as Petrol Stations and Stores, where the Aircash wallet can be easily loaded. This allows international online merchants to now reach customers in markets so far hard or impossible to access. Finally, merchants benefit from a large and growing user base and an immediate payment confirmation.

By leveraging Aircash’s market-leading position and robust loading options, merchants can now tap into new customer segments and expand their reach like never before.

Product features
  • Regions Europe
  • Countries Croatia, Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Rep., Slovenia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria
  • Payment method type Digital Wallet
  • Refund Yes
  • Partial refund Yes
  • Recurring No
  • Chargeback risk No
  • Processing currencies EUR
  • Settlement currencies EUR