Country Facts
  • Capital Kigali
  • Urban population 18%
  • Population 13.7 M
  • Median Age 19.4 Yr
  • Region Eastern Africa
  • GDP 13.3 Bn USD
  • GDP growth 7.9%
  • Official Language Kinyarwanda, English, French and Swahili
  • Currency Rwandan Franc (RF)
E-Commerce Facts
  • E-commerce market revenue 810 M USD
  • E-commerce growth 15.3%
  • Online shopping habits 63% of adults over the age of 15 frequently make payments through Mobile Money.
  • People with mobile phone (estimate)
  • Internet users, joined 2015-2020
  • E-commerce penetration
  • People with bank account
  • People with credit card
  • Mobile Money users (5.1 M)
  • Total population >15 years
Growth Opportunities

For international businesses looking to extend their e-commerce into new areas, Rwanda provides a number of opportunities:

● Rwanda is one of the continent’s fast growing economies, with a GDP growth of 7.9%.

● Massive investments in telecom infrastructure have allowed 80% of the population of the country to have access to a mobile phone. Payments made using Mobile Money are popular; over 63% of citizens above age 15 are using it for their regular transactions.

● Mobile Payments and wallets are the preferred payment methods, as only less than 37% of Rwanda’s population has a bank account and less than 1% has access to a credit card. E-commerce in the country continues to surge with a 15.3% expected annual growth rate year over year, as more people start using e-commerce regularly.

International merchants are offered e-commerce opportunities in Rwanda, as the country’s economy is rapidly growing. Together with the economy, more and more citizens are choosing to shop online using Mobile Money in the country.